Rates and Time

What does your rate include?

The rate quoted is for the artist’s time and materials. There is no per person extra cost. We will henna as many people in the allotted time as you send to us.

Is there a travel fee?

Maybe. We have artists across Connecticut and beyond, and will try to match you with someone who is near you. If we need to travel more than 20 minutes one-way, we charge $60 per hour for driving.

How many people can you henna per hour?

That will depend on the artist. We are all experienced in judging how large a design we can do on individuals, depending on the line. In general, one artist can henna small designs, like a simple flower with a cute leaf, on 20-30 people per hour. Medium sized designs, like a flower and vines going from a finger to wrist, can be done on 10 to 12 people per hour. Larger designs can take much longer, and traditional brides should expect up at least two hours for them alone.  Email us to let us know your details, and we’ll give you a custom quote.