At the Event

How soon before the event will the artist come?

Our setup consists of you telling us where to sit, and us going there. Since we have so little setup, we tend to come about 15 minutes before the time we’re supposed to start. If you need us earlier, please let us know so we can include that in our quote.

What kind of setup does the artist need?

Each artist will need two straight-backed chairs that can be arranged facing each other, and a table. We can use almost any size table, from a TV tray to the corner of a dining room table, or anything in between. Most crucial is lighting. We MUST have lighting that is good enough to comfortably read by. Normal room lighting is usually good enough, however, if the lighting is dim, we will not be able to work until that is fixed. We strongly prefer being set up away from any loud music.

It’s the end of the scheduled time and there are still more people that want designs!

At about ten to fifteen minutes before the scheduled end time, the artist will check the line. If everyone is happy, then she ends at the usual time. If there are people who still want things, the artist will find you to let you know. It is perfectly okay to cut off the line at that point, or if you wish, the artist is usually happy to stay on extra time. Additional time is $25 for each extra 15 minutes, and you can give that to the artist directly.

Am I supposed to tip?

Tips are never required. However, as with any service profession, if your artist was on time, professional, pleasant, and did a great job, you are more than welcome to show your appreciation with a little extra. This should be paid directly to the artist at the event.