002 (2)Want to raise funds for a good cause? Paisley Peacock Body Arts would love to help! 

Hire us as entertainment.

Having complimentary body art at an event is a terrific draw to people who might not otherwise hear your message. Plus, since your attendees will be wearing the designs from your event for a few days to a few weeks, it’s a great way to continue positive word-of-mouth about your cause long past the event itself. Our nonprofit rate is $100 per hour per artist, based on a two hour block. One hour engagements are $150.
Want to make sure every cent raised goes directly toward the cause? Find a local sponsor, such as a business or bank, who will be happy to pay the artists in exchange for the goodwill generated by a sign that says they helped your cause. Many businesses have community funds set aside for just this purpose.

Hire us to raise funds directly.

People LOVE to get body art, and allowing them to wear a reminder of your event while donating money to your cause gives double the effect! With the fundraising option, you guarantee us our regular nonprofit rate, and we charge people as we would at any other event. Then, anything we get over $100 is all yours. The only time you would pay us anything would be if we didn’t make the basic rate, and then you would only owe us the difference.