Glitter Designs

What is glitter body art?

We use non-latex glue that was designed to hold cosmetics like Spock ears and false beards onto skin. We either draw the designs on, or we use a stencil. Once the glue is dry, we “paint” on cosmetic glitter in the customer’s choice of colors. This process takes less than two minutes, and once the glitter is in place, the design is totally dry and touchable immediately. It does not smear, and is waterproof. The design lasts two days to two weeks, wearing off gradually.

Can I remove it?

You can also scrub it off in the tub or shower. It does not stain the skin.

Will the glitter get everywhere?

The area I work in will be a little glittery, but this is cosmetic glitter, so it is easy to vacuum or wipe up. It will NOT be there forever, like craft glitter is.

What does glitter body art feel and look like?

The look is simply a very shiny surface. It’s not especially girly, unless you choose a girly design or colors. It feels like cut velvet and is very smooth.

Can you put glitter designs on my (body part)?

Probably. Hands last the least amount of time. A necklace will last the longest. It depends on the amount of wear and tear the area gets. Glitter makes great “body jewelry” for prom or weddings, and we’ve also done boudoir glitter, with lacy garter belts and bras drawn on for very special occasions. Use your imagination!