How do I pay for my event?

           Once the details are agreed upon, PPBA will send you an invoice. This holds your date and time for 24 hours. Once the invoice is paid, your event is secured. We have found that having the payment details taken care of ahead of time means you have one less thing to think about on your big day, and lets the artist show up and get right into making people happy.

Should I tip?

            Tipping is not required, but as with any service profession, it’s a great way to show your artist how much you enjoyed their work. If your artist has been a great addition to the party, they can accept tips directly. Cash is preferrred.

What happens to my payment if I change or cancel the event?

  • Up to two weeks before the event date, you may change the date as necessary with no penalty. If you need to cancel, half of your payment is refundable.
  • Up to one week before the event date, if another mutually acceptable date is available, you may change the date with no penalty, but the payment is nonrefundable.
  • Up to 48 hours before the event, you may change the event date, but there will be an additional charge of 50%.